At faszinatour Adventure & Sports we inspire you for sporting adventures in nature. Whether rafting on Tyrol´s most waterrich rivers, on the bike "downhill into the valley", or in the canyons of the Alps - experience outdoor fascinated and inspired, enthusiastic and connects. 

We look after you in small groups, from arrival to departure, personally and individually. Quality counts. We offer you internationally experienced guides with expertise and leadership qualities. First-class, high-quality equipment increases your safety and well-being and gives confidence in all our activities."powered by Vaude"

As an outdoor professional, it is a top priority to follow his virtues, Set safety standards and to live diligence. A basic rule that has proven itself with faszinatour over three decades. We love, what we do. What we do, we do wholeheartedly: from the passion for people and nature.

On the trail of nature, your own limits in sight

Safely into your Outdoor adventure. Bevor you start your adventure with us, you want to know who we are? On four things you can rely:

We pay attention to your safety. You get first-class equipment and you are guided by international educated and experienced Guides. State certified Raft- and Canyoningguides, and ERCA certified Hight-Ropes-Course-Trainer guide you through your adventure. So we encsure the highest safety standards on all tours.

We love what we do. Everything we do, we do wholeheartedly: from the passion for people and nature, for adventures that shape, encounters that unblock, experiences that change. You will feel this enthusiasm when you are on the road with us - and long after.

We protect what we love. Nature is our workplace - for us the most beautiful one on earth. This is why we protect it as much as we can. You will not find any programs in which the fun-factor negatively influences the environment rather than meaningful adventures in nature.

We always do our best. One product for everyone? That´s not our philosophy. Therefore, our programs are only suggestions that we like to adapt to your individual needs: Call us and we create your perfect outdoor adventure.

Have fun with your personal outdoor adventure in Haiming in Tyrol!

We do not want you to be satisfied, but enthusiastic.
This is faszinatour Adventure & Sports

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