faszinatour program for schools: adventure camps for students in Tyrol and the Allgäu

Teenagers want to experience a lot. To let off steam, to discover one's own abilities - without pedagogical forefingers and pressure to perform. We send students, youth groups or trainees out to adventure and adventure camps to develop their key skills: team spirit, responsibility and social skills grow naturally when fun is at the top of the curriculum. Our experienced coaches always work according to the motto: safety first - so that nothing goes wrong with all the spirit of adventure.

Welcome to the faszinatour school program!

Start your Ourdoor adventure safely!

Over the past few years, we have safely guided more than 50,000 students through outdoor adventures. On the one hand, this is due to the qualifications of our guides: In addition to the professional training as a certified boat operator, canyon guides or high-wire trainers, the annual training courses offered by faszinatour are compulsory. On the other hand, the optimal equipment and strict safety measures help us to avoid serious accidents.

However, a residual risk can not be ruled out. But it is no bigger than normal school sports and less than skiing, for example. The personal responsibility of the participants is promoted and demanded in all activities. Our experienced coaches always work according to the motto: safety first!

Theory is gray, experiential learning is colorful! Experiential education plays a decisive role in the development of key skills such as teamwork, responsibility, social competence and personal responsibility. The education and training mission to be implemented by the schools requires the abovementioned skills. Get to know nature "up close", consider ecological aspects and have a lot of fun - that's our adventure education program for students and youth groups.

Commitment and competence - Deidre and Ulli Frenz have been actively involved in the faszinatour school program since 1990 and have many years of experience in school, youth and university sports. In the field of experiential education, they lead numerous courses and further education. They are supported by highly trained, certified guides, who have a wide range of expertise in addition to pedagogical training.

Flexibility and individuality - our packages are to be understood as a suggestion and can be varied as desired: A day or two weeks, 15 or 150 participants, shortened or extended program, hut or inn - tell us about your idea. Together we design your individual program.

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